Overwatch Art

Sup everyone! So, its pretty clear that a lot of this community likes Overwatch (including myself), so I decided to upload a few of me drawings!

This one was my interpretation of a younger Zenyatta. Tbh, this was really an experiment to see how I could draw humanoid figures. I rate myself meh/10.

This was the picture that inspired me to do more. After showing it to a few friends, they told me to do more Overwatch stuff. So, obviously, I did so happily. (Ignore the bad handwriting)

This was a request for a long time friend. I’m really proud of this one, despite all the flaws (especially the gun). I tried to make old Reaper here look a bit more realistic.

Well, that’s about it. I’ll be updating this whenever I get more done.
Thanks for checking them out!


Not really a fan of the first two.

Gotta say though, I love the Mariachi Reaper.


Yeah, the first two were more on the experimental side… Thanks!