Overwatch: Reaper Moc

Well seeing that it’s Halloween, I wanted to post a Moc that seem to scare people, and what more scary to see in the game of Overwatch then someone playing Reaper the edge lord him self

To let you know, I love the game Overwatch and playing Reaper as well

For a long time I wanted to base a Moc on game character but I didn’t know what. Until I started playing game, and Reaper seem perfect for me

Just the way he looks, by having a skull mask and his colours and that he has two shotguns too.

I do like how the Moc came out, but I am a bit upset that I couldn’t get five shotgun shells? or grades? (don’t know what they are) on his belt, only three

But I am happy that I was able to find a way to get them on the torso

Plus, his guns do fire, by pushing the area I am showing. Grant it, it is a hair trigger

And if you ask, his cape is of a old ■■■■■ that I cut up

Oh! Before I end this, there something I would like to say.





And throw the guns away, like a bad apple

Well that’s it for now let me know on what you think and I be back with more, and happy Halloween


Thank you all for your comments and I have seen a lot of you say that I should use the skull basher/scorpio mask. Now I did say it didn’t look right to me, but seeing that you want to see him with that mask, I may as well show it to you all. Hope you enjoy it.


I really like it except the proportions seem a bit off. I don’t know if it’s the poses but it just makes it look awkward.


WOW. that is all that needs saying.

It seems too perfect.

Everything just works do well…

I love it

Incredibly well done; the physique, detailing, and accuracy all work out great.

Dang, this guy looks great! He follows the source material quite well.

That skull mask works great with the character too.

Cool, though i feel that the other skull mask from skull scorpio/ basher might be a better fit due to its slimness


I thought that too, but after putting that mask on it, it didn’t to look good to me for some reason

This is quite epic but I got a little criticism for this, I believe it would have resemble Reaper a bit more if you put the skull scorpion mask on instead of Kulta’s, but if you didn’t have the mask I understand. :grinning:

I haven’t played Overwatch, but Reaper looks fun as hell imo.
So this MOC is automatically great in my opinion.
The MOC looks pretty accurate to Reaper as well, but I think the “Bull Skull” would look better than the Kulta mask.
Still, this gets a 10/10.


Not bad. Though, I would have gone with the Bull/Scorpio mask instead.

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Pretty shnazzy.

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“Death walks among you”

This is freaking awesome man!

This Moc is awesome, though I would like to see it with the Scorpio mask. Great work!

Very well done. you got lots of little details in there. definitely looks better with the scorpio mask too.

I love it, you have my sword sir :smiley:

This is the best thing since sliced bread



I don’t even play Overwatch. I barely know who this guy even is. But that is a freaking awesome MoC.

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Great sweg, looks pretty much 100% accurate