Overwatch: Soldier 76 Moc

Seeing how well my Reaper Moc went. I thought it would be good to do another one, and who else would be best, other then the dad of Overwatch Soldier 76

Other then Reaper, Soldier is one of the heroes who I put the most time in playing

Just because, he’s a easy hero to play if you play a lot of Halo or COD

Now I do like how Soldier pulse rifle came out, but my god! It is heavy

Here’s a closer look

The head was one of the hard parts on this Moc, trying to get the look of Soldier visor, but I think I pull it off

When I’m working on these Moc’s, I look up pictures, like for hours. And I never know that Soldier had a side arm

Here’s a look a the 76 on Soldier back, and well… the seven came out all right, but the six, well you can see how well that looks

Here is Soldier with Reaper

Oh no, here they go again

“I got you in my sights”

Oh? Well, that’s something you don’t see every game “You got a lot to learn”

Soldier may not by a hero now, but let me know on what you think and I’ll be back with more


The head feels a bit small but everything else is great.


I agree with @Zero. I don’t play the game, but this looks like a good representation of Soldier 76. Might I suggest some 1x2 jumper plates(in white) to make the torso symmetrical?

Nice job how long did it take and can we see this as a set?

We’re all soldiers now.

This is a good representation of Soldier, although the head seems a bit small compared to Reaper.

Yeah, I see that too. I just had a hard time trying to make it look right, that I couldn’t get the size right. But thanks for your comment

Could use some refinements in the general build, and the hands look really big.
His head looks really small though. And maybe its just the posing but he looks a lot more awkward in stance than reaper.

The “jaw” section is lacking and the legs are buffering; but still got the look done-

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