Overwatch Zenyatta Moc

Need a healer, well here’s the best healer in the game

Reaper: “I need healing”

Soldier 76: “My biotic field is on cool down”

Soldier 76: “Why can’t you go use your ability to steal the enemy health”

?: “The Iris embraces you”

Zenyatta: “Your healer is here”

Oh boy, Zenatta. What can I say, I love this guy, you could say he my main

Well you will be right.

Zen can put out so much damage for a support and when it come’s to healing, all you need is line of sight and you can still give out damage too

Oh how much damage Zen can do its ridiculous

Oh no, I’m on my own. Err team can I have some help

every one has a mean and I would like to know what all of your’s are

But for now that it, so let my know on what you think and I’ll be back with more


Great moc, but I thought it had a bunch of arms

When Zen use his ult, but I didn’t have the part to make them sadly

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The problem with all of my Mocs, well most of them I make that are too big or detailed

Nice. Looks awesome next to Reaper and Soldier 76.

i’m guessing you took inspiration for the design from here:

still pretty good.


Yes and no, I look up other overwatch Mocs to get some ideas. But with Alieraah,I did see she use that large shell piece for the torso and I thought it was a good piece to use, because it works so well. But thanks of pointing it out

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I dont know much about overwatch, but this Moc looks fantastic

He’s very good, but that reaper will always be my favorite

I love this moc. It is so cool!

Great moc zenmainbtw

make a tank next

Mmm, at tank. Well I may have some ideas for a Reinhardt or a Orisa Moc, but we’ll have to see if I can come up with some thing

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His legs/pants don’t seem quite in proportion with the rest of him, but other than that he looks good.