Ozkabot's Nightmare Fuel #1: Takadox

Takadox is probably my favourite Barraki, so I thought I’d take a break from drawing Vezok and give the mantis some time to shine. Probably spent 2 - 3 hours on this over the course of two days; quite a lot of that time was spent putting it through various filters and cleaning bits up.

This is meant to be a fully organic interpretation, so the lack of any robotic bits is intentional.

Remember when I said I was gonna take a break from Vezok? I lied.
Bonus Vezok sketch:


I just wonder where are his legs tho

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Two to three what my friend? :stuck_out_tongue:

This drawing is legitimately terrifying. All those hairs/spikes both evoke their original ABS plastic inspirations and do a very good job of screaming “stay away”. I’m a bit sad to see Takodox’s distinctive brow be forgotten in favor of the more xenomorph-esque head, but still, fantastic work all around.


@legomaster1378 Woops! I meant 2 - 3 hours, I’ll fix that now!

And thanks! Come to think of it I could have given him a bit more of a brow; I’ll admit I wasn’t actually looking at the set when drawing this, it was just done from what stood out from my memory of Takadox. The main thing I was focusing on with the head is capturing that creepy smirk.

I might come back to this one another time, but next I really want to give Krika a shot.


Positively gruesome and terrifying, I love it!

Always been a fan of your art, man, nice work!

Very nice, very creepy, certainly gives off that sort of, demon shrimp vibe.

Yes please.

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Those are his legs. Y’know, the things coming out of the bottom of his torso?