Pahrak mod

now with a movable head!


Very nice way of adding the neck joint, I barely noticed it.

EDIT: Btw, does gear function work?

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Could you show what exactly you did? I'd love to do this with my Nuvok.

no, i had to replace the function, but you can still move the head forward a little bit.

sure, but you'll need a spare hordika neck

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I got plenty of those.

Going to have to pick up a Bohrok now. Though the loss of gear function.

I actually think that there's a topic for modded G1 sets somewhere.
The mod isn't to bad in my opinion and give it a bit more personality.

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It isn't much, but it's an interesting little mid

And the wrong color krana!

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yea but that's what happens with eBay, but i don't mind it that much.

@LTVmocs yea, it is a big sacrifice, it's what made the Bohrok unique.

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Unfortunate the snapping function had to go (at least it can still roll into a ball though), but it definitely befits from that extra bit of articulation.

It sure does, but I reckon some one out there will find a way to include the function and articulation some day.

I would think of a stone pun but I have too many rocks in my head.
Good job m8.
How did you make that matoran in the fifth image?

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which one?

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The one where Pahrak is stalking a matoran wearing an Avohkii from behind a rock.
I always liked matoran, and I'm trying to design the matoran of a village for my Bionicle comic, Children of the Crimson Sun.

I'll show you on Tuesday.

but whats the children of the crimson sun all about?

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I wish i had a bohrok so i could do this. Nice mod, man.

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I'm sure there are some on ebay you could get

Maybe one day i will, but not soon

This is a good place to find the main plot.