Paint Suggestions

So, I’m making my first MOC since about 2011. I decided to try using paint for the first time. Any suggestions for what I should use?

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A quality Model paint Like Citadel, P3, or Reaper and A coat of Gloss Varnish on top will look really nice if you remember to thin your paints. Warhammer TV is a good Youtube channel to learn techniques as well.
Edit: Use a wet pallet too, will keep your paints longer, especially if you live in an arid region like PoMetru. You can make one out of a Plastic Sandwich box, some Paper Towels, and Parchment Paper (conveniently all stuff you can find at a supermarket for cheap!)


I just use acrylics. Probably why they turn out trash

Eh, the few times I’ve painted I’ve mainly used spray paint or metal/plastic model paint.
Model paint for details, spray paint for full coverage. =p