Painted Halo Elite Zealot Microfigure

I decided that my current Elite Zealot was kinda lame. I love the Zealot armor in general, but the slightly shiny pearl indigo color wasn’t enough for me. I decided the matte coat the undersuit, as well as paint all of the armor (save for one shoulderpad, which ended up red) a REALLY metallic purple color.

(first two photos are updates, second two are original version)

It’s simple, but I’m REALLY happy with how this turned out. Every piece of the figure is covered with something (save for the energy sword) and I just think it looks really cool. Constructive Criticism is welcome as usual!


Wait. It’s purple? It looks blue

The paint’s a bit odd. The shade really changes based on the lighting, more so than other model paints I’ve messed around with.

In this picture, the figure on the right is a different mold but has the plastic color that the figure on the left was originally.

The purple shade is a bit more apparent in this image, but it’s really hard to capture on camera just how the paint acts.


Huh. Funny.

Pretty cool tho

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I’ve been messing around and added some scratches to the red along with the inclusion of pink highlights!


Cabis Vul does a purple


@squeaverking Thought he had a new hat.

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This still looks pretty amazing. :smiley:

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This looks really great.

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Looks fantastic!

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Eh, not a fan of the gloss, but other than that, it looks good

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It’s much more metallic than it is glossy, kinda weird to explain. It’s mostly there to offer a bright and noticeable contrast between the undersuit and armor.