Painted masks

so I painted some of my masks, they were one's I couldn't use anyway for one reason or another.

my favorite

I've learned to not use as much paint.


The Pakari looks like it got half-scorched smirk


Yeah, they do look a bit goopy in places, but that's easily overlooked. They look good. Not much else to do with masks you can't use, right? Why couldn't you use them?

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I like them. The Hau and Protector Mask looks like they were made out of clay, similar to masks from the days of old and the Pakari, as stated by @Rockho, looks like it was burned in some way. Fantastic Work!


the hau is damaged,
the pakari was one of 3 purple pakari I have, and I have almost no purple
the protector mask was a spare pos mask, you can't really use that for anything.


What kind of paint/brush are you using? Spray?

the hau has some brushwork with acrylic, they're all sprayed.

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These look pretty Fantasti-cool™!

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These are really good!


The Pakari good as well.

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Nice work

think these look alright, little gloppy

but that pakari is beautiful

That protector mask is b0ss!

Looks like somebody dug too close to the core and got his mask burnt.

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