Painting/Customizing stuff?

Was going to limit it to Bonkles or lego, but I think it’s big enough(Don’t know if there’s already a topic but YOLO)


Say you got paint marker or tools to customize parts and pieces, mainly on buildable figures or whatnot(Different from making custom figures)

Do you customize stuff? Like Bionicle/Lego parts, Gunpla, model kits, etc?

I used to customize with some paint on my bionicles, but now I won’t customize much


I take some acrylic paint and slap it onto some masks that I have. Back then I had a self moc that wore than etheral hau so I took a stars hau and painted it azure with white markings. It was pretty crudely painted.


I have never painted my pieces. Not only does it not give the same, plastic vibe as it usually looks too glossy or scuffled, but it makes the wee lil’ Plural-Perfectionist inside of me cringe.


Too true…


Does cutting flex tube count? :laughing:


I have a custom-painted Modalt Kakama, but that’s about the extent of custom things I have. Otherwise, I don’t cut or do anything to my parts.


I’ve only painted 2 things- a brown kakama and black mata parts.

I highly recommend using something to cover your face when painting to avoid inhaling any paint fumes.


I really enjoy painting n’ such, and I would like to try painting a mask as soon as I find a Green paint that matches Mata Green. :smile:


Go to your local Paint store with a miru.



I’ve thought ‘bout doin’ this.

One day at Home Depot

“Excuse me.”

“Yes. What can I help you with, sir?”

“Do you have a spray/paint of this color?” [holds up a G1 mask]

“Yes. Just right here, sir.”


Painting pieces is my trigger.


I’ve done that with a Transformer. They were able to find a Blue paint that matches Movie Optimus Prime quite well. :smile:


I tried painting a piece before, but it didn’t meet my standards due to the budget I had/have :confused: I was trying to get a Mistika torso piece painted orange but it didn’t work the way I hoped it would, so I think I’ll stick to vanilla parts. My self-moc will just have to stick with the metru red, keetorange/yellow, and bright orange (along with black and silver) in it’s color scheme. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I paint some brickarms and legos, but I’ve kinda grown out of that.

The other day, I did some extensive customization on one of my older, less complete transformers.
It turned out pretty well, I put up a topic for it.

anyone know goo paint for sticking on rubber masks, the likes of the Inika masks?

Acrylic is usually what I use for painting legos. If you thin it down with some water it should work well enough with the rubber.

Thanks, I’ll take a look.

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