Paints for LEGO Pieces

I’ve been considering painting a mask Metru blue. Does any one know a color from any brand of spray paint similar enough to Metru blue?

I think I saw a good one the other day. I think it was either Valspar or PlastiKote but you’d have to look and see if either of them have the right colour.
If you try it and it’s a good match, let me know. I haven’t found one yet

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I’ve noticed that in some of your mocs, @Hazash, that you painted pieces dark turquoise and bright purple. Since those are my favorite colors, can you please show us what paints you used? Thank you!

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Again, like the dark orange colour, they’re car paints that were made to match a colour used by a specific brand of car. I only kept a record of the reference code the store used to look up the colour, so I don’t know what cars they came from.
If you know of a store selling cars, car parts, etc., I suggest looking to see if they have a paint mixer. They might have a catalog of car colours for you to to look through and match LEGO colours to, or a colour scanner. If you live in the UK, I’d recommend Halfords.

Though the dark turquoise is a very close match, the purple colour I used on Kaj and Onepu isn’t the best match (though it is the best I’ve found). You’d have a hard time trying to find an exact match as LEGO purple is quite a peculiar colour.


Hey guys, I was wondering what the best paint for painting a mask is. Also, if anyone has a good procedure for it, that would be appreciated.

Depends on the type of paint job, and the tools at your disposal. If you want to do a basic spray/color change, use a modeling Lacquer (basically small spray paint bottles). Try to apply a primer, then the color, then a top coat (gloss, matte, and semi-gloss are usually available options).

If you’re going for designs…

…then I’d look into videos. You could always try making stencils to help with shaping, but I’ve never done it personally.

Search up a guy called Moldalt masks, he does amazing jobs at both of what you want, on his tumblr he has some guides to how to do them.

He creates some awesome masks, but doesn’t seal them to my knowledge. Keep in mind that his tutorials may not show you how to protect masks from scratching.

Has anybody tried to find paints for transparent colors?

You can’t make a solid piece transparent - that’s a physics problem: not a paint problem.
If you wanted to make a transparent piece, you’d have to 3D print it with transparent plastic.


I think he means changing the shade of a transparent piece, in which case, @Perp3tual, it is possible. Some paints are designed specifically to keep the transparency after the color change. I’d look into Tamiya sprays for that.

That would be possible, I think.

@Perp3tual I’d suggest finding a light transparent piece (trans-clear is ideal, which you can get for Bohrok eyes) and covering it in a very thin layer of paint. That should keep the transparency intact.

I have used a BIC Permanent Marker for changing the trans yellow on my Protector of fire mask to trans red. it also worked with a Trans neon green armor shell.

@RaptorTalon Could you post a few pictures of what they look like, for funsies?

I will get some sooner or later. I don’t have a camera on me ATM.

I’m trying to revamp my Makuta moc, and I’m wondering if its possible to paint a clear piece (lets say a bohrok eye) and turning it purple? I’m new to the world of custom painting parts, and I wanted to know if anyone has tried and succeeded, and what paints they’re using.

Its possible, though I don’t recommend you use a clear part just cause it could end up useful later.
You should probably use model/hobby paints since most of those go well on plastic.

So I actually MAY have found some colors similar to Metru Blue, but I can’t be too certain which is best


Citadel’s Kantor Blue

Either #77 or #104 from Humbrol

Spray Paints

Rustoleum Painters Touch 2x Navy Blue

Tamiya AS-8

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Although we can’t be sure until we actually try out the physical paints, this is an awesome starting point to narrow down the exact color! Thanks a lot!

Nice work :slight_smile:

That first Humbrol one looks like the best to me.
If you / anyone tries out any of these, let me know of the results.

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