Pairetoce (The colorful warrior)

Pairetoce, despite all outward appearances, is a very serious and angry warrior. Angry mainly because no one take her seriously with her green, blue, and purple colors. Although with everyone thinking shes no threat, just makes it easier for her to cut people up with her long sword, and 2 curved twin machetes.


I like how manages to be colorful, yet still consistent! Also the build pretty nice!

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How is this different to her previous version?

@LegoDavid thank you

@Gringat the feet and torso armor had been replaced to fill out more and make a silver highlight. The pieces making coverage on the inner thigh had been replaced with small grey studs and two black one by two plates, and to also help blend the color scheme, I put two grey one by one studs on her back. I also changed her tail piece, gave her a long sword, changed her twin weapons slightly, and gave her a weapon holder on her back. Sorry I couldn’t improve the head by adding a colored pop socket or colored three axel hole hand, as I don’t have any pop sockets in color and the three axel hole hands in color I have are little to none and most don’t work with the pop sockets because their the old style of bionicle hands