Pajama Sam Topic!

Pajama Sam it’s so nostalgic for me. I played the game on the wii. I love the game! :blush:
Let’s chat about it!


I played the demo for this a long time ago. I remember enjoying it even though I can’t remember a whole lot about it besides Sam himself.

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I only ever played it as a demo on a free-cd, a friend of mine really wants to play through one of the games with me so that he can share some of his childhood joy. I plan on playing putt putt with him in the near future.

so happy that this is a topic

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I never thought to hear about this game again. My sister and I only had the one game, but we played it to death together back in the day. We still occasionally reference it, such as the cheese and crackers minigame.

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No problem my friend. :smile:

That’s fun! :wink: