Pak v2!

This is the second version of my self moc pak! This is definitely the form of my self moc that I had in mind, minus the Orange :confused: not sure what I would do with a v3 so and critique comments or recommendations are much appreciated!

PS I have a pet mouse


Wow, you released this faster than I release versions of Kardymis! But seriously, this is a great improvement... However I think the arms should be longer. Maybe use the bones that are 1 unit longer and add the thick tires. And it's not really a problem without it, but do you plan on giving him a mask?


Do you have any suggestions for a mask? Thank you so much for the feed back! :blush:

I'm not sure, you should choose it...

I like the concept behind this MOC; it looks like it could easily be some kind of robot soldier Would suggest redoing the torso so that the back side is covered with, say, a HF 2.0 shield piece, and less bulky and blocky. Also would like to see the extra gunmetal bits come off the shoulders. As for mask suggestions, I feel like a variant of one of Kopaka's masks (G1 or G2) would fit the character well.

im loving this version instead of the previous one, but one thing id suggest is try adding some sort of head ornament like goggles, or a scope

So it's possible? :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like this MOC! It's pretty simple from what I can discern and looks great! It needs a mask or something, though.

We needed to know this... Why? : P

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Because there is a mouse one the build


How did I miss that?! :laughing:

I see it now! Do you have one IRL?

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Yes his name is lucky

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Cool! :smile:
It's always fun to see a real-life connection like this in a self-MOC!

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