Pak's LDD Creations

So here are a bunch of LDD mocs that have been made over the past few years. None are named but ill describe what there suppose to be under the images and stuff :wink: Prepare for a long post ;-; _________________________________________________________________________________

This is just a bunch of variations of that speeder bike moc I made a while ago I thought it would look cool in different colors.

This is a mix of wanting to use those handcuff pieces and wanting to make a cannon lol

I actually just ordered the parts for this because I just really like this one so look for that in a few weeks

Fun fact this is the fist LDD model I made. I think I watched the Iron Man movies and wanted to make the armory in lego

So this is supposed to be Namek from DBZ

Its a space ship. That looks like a turtle. Its a turtle ship. I don’t know either.

This is suppose to be a large freighter ship akin to the Millennium Falcon and The Ghost

Another one of my first LDD creations its suppose to be a battle dojo for samurai

Im actually not sure what this is… I think I had just finished watching Stranger Things and liked the idea of the upside down and did my own version of it

This is one of my favorites its just suppose to be a standard Star fighter of a random military force

I like this one as well and I’m planning on redoing it to match the style of this moc

This is actually the original version of a Moc I just recently uploaded. Although I prefer the finished project.

Here is a little winter cottage I made during the holidays last year

Here is another Star fighter thats unfinished its the most recent of the builds but I love how its turning out.

So there they are! ill be updating this post overtime putting in more models that I’ve made I hope you enjoyed and I’m sorry for the length of the post. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lots of interesting stuff here. Good work!

This was fun to look through. Nice job dude. A lot of creativity here.

good stuff

These are really nice. I love some of these space ships, and I also really like the upside-down shadow realm one.

Pretty nice. :thumbsup:
Definitely better than anything I could do.

The ships especially look really good. Nice work!

A lot of these creations were a joy to look at, notably ones like the ‘turtle’ ship.