Panrahk (Brown Rahkshi) Nuva

I got bored so I decided to modify my panrahk into sorta a nuva / kal form while still keeping the same functions. Basically it’s a rakshi with more armor and weapons.
New weapons include the staff, a gun arm, a “pistol” (idk what to call it.), a flail, and a shoulder cannon.

“Nuva” speeder form

The swinging action can kinda be a drifting function in this form

“Go my sons.”

This was more of a 20 minute build not including building the set so it’s not that “well” designed. The longest was 5 minutes and that was just getting the cannon to look good.


seems more like a cyborg or something, looks cool tho

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Now this is what I call a rahkshi of fragmentation!

The name is Panrahk BTW

I thought I had the name wrong. I gave him more firepower as I thought it would fit his “element” better.

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Menacing! Nifty!

Hmmm, I like the spiky half-hazard “fragmentation” effect. Very neat. However, it doesn’t really feel like a “Kal” or “Nuva” variant to me. It would need more silver armour. Love the shoulder canon, though a firearm-like pistol feels out of place in a G1 revamp (though that’s entirely my opinion). Also, be careful about that window glare, it can really mess up your pics if you’re not careful. :slight_smile:

Edited title -legomaster

This is just beyond cool. great job on him. but that’s just an opinion, my opinion.


I like it. Btw, hi Benben.

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hi Boris.

I love his shoulder plasma Canon thing.

Nice MOC. I really like seeing Rahkshi upgrades.

This is a solid revamp, I have to say. I really like it! Nice work!


Thanks. I’m actually working on the red rakshi too though I have some other Mocs in line before him.