Papa Wheelie, the Village Elder


Click for a link to my flickr and more photos!!!


Weird. Really weird. But that’s where the charm comes from.


I like the color scheme. He’s got a lot of character and charm. GG

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that’s really cool,especially the lower section.

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Darn - this MoC holds striking resemblance to one Autobot minicon from the RID 2015 series.


Neat, I’ve never seen that show.

The proportions are spot-on tho. :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly tho I’ve never seen the show.

This MOC is great. The head is nice, the arms are unique, and the lower body is cool.
I also like the use of dark azure pieces, which I don’t see that much.

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The name is my favorite part.

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Feels quite Megaman-ish. Love the unorthodox feel.

Normally I would question why a turaga has a plank for a face and wheels for legs, but the build is solid, and the pictures are great, so I’ll just give it a 9/10 and leave it at that.

looks like johnny 5 XD

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I like it , I love it, I would really get it if it was a set but I would make a new head or something so it wouldn’t disturb me in my sleep

You don’t need to. It’s poorly written product placement, even for a kid’s show.

This MOC is very nice, but I think the torso needs to be black or orange to fit the color scheme

I was just about to say that!

How fun.

He reminds me of Fixit, and he also has a name similar to another annoying orange Transformers character.


this is pretty cool.