Papyrus MOC

please copy me

hate me if you want


Sorry, but I really care to much for this thing. But hey that’s just an opinion, my opinion.

He is well…the issue is not that he is simple but how you built him, his neck is eh…

I’m sorry, but this is kinda bad…

i know its bad I’m half awake i would have made him better but I’m tired


I think it would have been better if you waited to when you were more energized to made it. I mean it’s not vad but it feels like a joke MOC right now…

Anyway I hope the end result looks good! I am a papyrus fan heh.

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I’m sorry man, it looks fine. I’m tired, stressed out and probably should be asleep by now.

sorry and goodnight

Well I just don’t care for the character in general. So I’m sorry. :grinning:

geese can’t one person like undertale related topics

i will give it a custom torso
and wast movement

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I said I like papyrus, just saying the Moc could be better heh. Just work on it a bit and it will look better

no I’m sirus i will give it all of that

well, prepare for major criticism and solutions

He isn’t all basic CCBS skeleton with armor tacked on, which is good, but in this case it’s bad. the scarf is a nice detail, but it is too large, forcing you to give him an proportional neck. this could easily be fixed if you just cut out a cloth scarf, out of an old ■■■■■ or something. the shoulders would probably benefit if you made it as just one ball joint, instead of two. also the piece you used for the torso is the long version, and the shorter version with narrower shoulders would look much better.

No offense, but this MoC screams unfinished CCBS skeleton. the fact that the scarf is the best armored thing is a problem. majority of bones were left open, most of which would have looked far complete with a CCBS shell attached. this is arguably the biggest problem on this MoC.

the color scheme of white and red is good, but the color blocking in the legs is bad. it needs more of the color distributed.

take note I don’t who Paperyrus is, so i don’t know what he looks like. But even then the build can be very much improved. Take note that none of this was meant to be mean, it was meant as constructive critique.

Very excited to see the end result

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Oh this MOC has a lot of potential, it’s just I don’t play Under tale, so I’m not invented in this character.

With a custom torso (like you just said you plan on adding) this could be awesome. Also if you can find those leg bone pieces in white on brick link, I would use those instead of using those black ones.

Also sorry that my first post wasn’t very informative, I had to go somewhere real quickly.

Also there are going to be haters, this is the internet after all. If you can’t handle some friendly criticism then you may not survive this harsh environment.

i can handle it i just dislike it

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Don’t we all.

It’s not that we are haters, we are giving feedback on a creation that will help the builder. There is a dif between being a hater and a reviewer. For example this MOC is really simple and awkward in some places, amd we are trying to help to improve it with feedback. Otherwise we would say “this is the best moc ever” which would make the creator feel nice but without helping improve the build.

Not trying to be rude, just giving some feedback.


Oh I wasn’t calling us Haters. I was saying there are hater out there.

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bluebell i just remade this moc and it has its own topic look at it

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That neck is ridiculously long.