Paracord Gali Bracelet

This may or may not be fitting here, but I don’t think there is a good place for it anyway. Feel free to move it if there is.

Another one of my hobbies is making paracord bracelets. In short, it is fat Macrame. Decided to make a bracelet themed off of Gali, seeing as I had the mask to use.

I took a buckle and superglued a broken piece to the middle to attach the mask. Then I just tied the bracelet and stuck the mask on.

The mask is detachable, as it is a pain to get to the buckle with it on. That, and I didn’t want to waste the piece. If I had an extra, I would have glued it on too and chopped off some of the tube bits to give me more room for my fingers.

Either way, I think it’s cool, and I figured that it was lego enough to share here.


It looks really cool!

pretty nice

Great idea!

nice !

Pretty neat! Have you made any others like this one with other masks?

Omg I want one.

This is awesome, but uh, not really a Lego Creation.

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Nope. I have tried making some with minifigs, though.

My attempts have failed (battle droids are too thin), but there are others who have made them, such as this one:

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This looks awesome!