Paradise of the Great Beings (Story)

Okay, let's start this off right this time.


“A long time ago, on the mythical island of Okoto, all lived in harmony. It was a place of wonders, and beautiful landscapes. From the island’s elemental forces, two brothers, known as the Mask Makers, created Masks of Power. Each brother had a special Mask. Makuta owned the Mask of Control, and Ekimu the Mask of Creation. The brothers provided the islanders with many masks, but Ekimu’s were the most treasured. His brother became envious, and forged an evil plan.

“It was a sacred law that a mask could never contain the power of more than one element, otherwise it would become too strong and dangerous. But Makuta wanted to create the strongest mask of all time: the Mask of Ultimate Power. When Makuta put it on, it took control over him; and the island began to shake, and crumble! Realizing what his brother had done, Ekimu managed to knock the Mask from Makuta’s face! A shock wave rolled across the land, and sent both brothers into an endless sleep. The masks were scattered all over the island; waiting for a time, when someone would come looking for them.”

For a moment, all was suspended in a spell. Then an arrow of light arced across the dark, and the spell was shattered. There was a loud creak as the door opened wider, and an armored Matoran-esque silhouette could be seen in the widening square of light.

“What are you guys still doing up?” the newcomer asked. “It’s past midnight!”

“Sorry Jala,” a listener cloaked in blue armor replied. “We convinced Takua to start telling stories, which made us ask for more stories, and even more! But the we lost track of time, and-”

The storyteller scoffed. “Don’t just throw yourself under the waves like that! I could have easily said no!” Takua’s face became more stern. “But he’s right, it’s time for you all to get some sleep.” With murmurs of dissent, the young islanders filed out of the door. Takua remained sitting.

“Well, you too, Takua,” Jala suggested.

“Same goes for you.” Takua responded. “You need sleep more than any of us.

Jala simply shook his head. “I’m Protector of this island, Takua, you know that. And if that means no sleep, then so be it.”

Takua simply sighed. “Well, good night then.”

Hali looked up at the stars and sighed. She had heard the legend thousands of times. They all had. It was, after all, the reason that they lived this way.

But each time, she couldn’t help but feel like there was something more, like the story wasn’t all told. That last line - “waiting for a time, when someone would come looking for them” - Hali knew this wasn’t over. If only she could find the masks...

She sighed again and returned her gaze earthwards. This wasn’t her battle. There was nothing she could do.

If she had kept looking up for just a few seconds longer, she would have seen six shooting stars.

This legend was far from over. It was just beginning.

On a volcanic shore, one of these “stars” streaked down and crashed to the ground. A geyser of volcanic rock and light erupted from the impact site. The light faded and the dust settled, and for a moment, all was still.

Then a figure emerged from the crater. He was tall, with bright red armor and literal shoulder blades. He scanned the area around him, and made his way inland...