Despite my lack of MOCing skills, I decided to create an entry for @Willess12's contest. Here it is:

Back shot:

I made this MOC with a Ninjago Airjitzu spinner for a base, as I decided it didn't need to move to accomplish its ends.

The Virus has two drones that help it strike from afar. This one is his eyes and ears. It flies around, scouting the land, hacking into cameras to help the Virus find its prey.

In its folded up form, it can roll around on the ground or attach to the Virus' back.

The second drone walks around, finding victims. When it locates one, it traps it in its rear holder, which shuts down the victims routers and servers, so although they can try to fight the Virus, the signals will never reach their bodies. But even if enemies do get near the Virus, it has ways to retaliate.

One of the Virus's weapons is its deadly Hacksaw. This weapon rips chunks of code out of user's systems, crippling them.

The other arm, which was meant to be more technology-based, has a claw that, if clamped on a victims head, steals all their files and data, making them lose knowledge as the Virus gains it.

It also has this. Notice a pattern?
It's binary code for "V", which stands for "Virus"

The Virus's ultimate attack uses its center appendage to hijack the systems of a user, allowing the Virus to control them.

This attack, however, exposes the Virus' power source, its Video Game Weak Spot

I designed the Virus' head with a mask over the bottom half of his face, but if he really needs a disguise, he can go into Trojan Horse Mode:

Nothing to see here...

Comments and critique are welcome! Did I do a good job? Did I put way too much info in? (I probably did)

EDIT: Just want to say, if @AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH does pick my MOC, he can feel free to retcon/switch around the powers for the story.


That is a very interesting MOC.
One thing that I love on this MOC is the design of the drones. Very creative.

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Ooo! This is one of my favourite entries for this contest! Man I wish I entered it! But I may have lost to you! This is awesome!

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Strange to use a 2015 spinner, the left are is ok.
However you forgot to put 1 green bit.

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Oh yah that was part of the contest...

I like this a lot, it looks good, but it has no green, so it can't win...

But, you know, I still like it!

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Looks cool.





Well, I didn't even notice the green thing. BUTTS are for sitting, It turns out I added one piece with lime green printing. The image isn't loading for some reason, but I'll try to get it up.



I don't see anything there, just wall.

r u sure there's a disguise mode


Not a fan of the orange, but I do enjoy the base.

Eh... good enough, I suppose.

He's got swag.

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This is a very creative MOC!

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1/10 JK I love it

Judging time!
This MOC is rather topheavy and rather a mess. Not that that's a bad thing; I kinda like it, as I can see this thing inspiring fear. I also like the cyclopean-looking head. The look is... a little off-putting, I'm not sure why, but it's unnerving. I also really like the idea of a main attack exposing a weak spot. My least favorite part is the base. It's a bit... basic (haha pun). I feel like it doesn't fit as well with the rest of the MOC.

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