Parasite Toa Kalsik/ Quos of the beyond

A Toa with an arm taken over by a Parasite, disgraced and outcast he was left to roam the lands.

He left his Parasite unchecked for far too long, at first it was just a slight itch

but before long his body was completely taken over by the Parasite

It began to crawl around in an insect like manner as it took over

however as it formed the parasite took an upright stance. The contorted body of Kalsik let out one last whisper, the parasite’s name, “Quos…”

The body of Kalsik was limp, left only to serve as the part of Quos.


Nice! Love both forms!

Both forms are equally impressive. The parasite really works.

I love the head! It’s so cool, I have to try it myself.

I can’t help but think of the Borg for some reason.

This is very cool, I love the head design for both

Did you watch district 9 recently?

Anyhows, a pretty nice moc, although a bit gappy, the colour scheme is pretty nice too
A cool concept. Keep it up!

Looks really cool! I like how you used the Makuta Phantoka torsos.

I actually based it on the main parasite from the anime Parasyte and some of Bloodborne’s monsters

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