Pati G2

I remade my old self moc. Critique and criticism is encouraged.


Unless your self moc is supposed to be wearing mandelorian armor change the head. It clashes completely being a different style and tecture to the rest of the body. In fact stick to one or the other becuase even as mandelorian armor it clashes.
I do like the look of the custom body though. That part looks great.

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Of course! I set out to re-create a mandalorian wearing character I use s my persona.

I agree. I'm hoping any flaws will be pointed out in this topic and I'll be able to improve him. Once I'm completely happy I'm going to paint every piece so it'll match (and not be so darn shiny). I'm already using illegal pieces.

Color or texture? I've tried using Kylo Ren's head and it looks pretty good.

Thank you!

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Oh ok. Clashs mostly in texture and color. Torso Needs more silver as a main color and maybe some blue details so the trim on the visor doesn't stick out so much. That and the Star Wars heads are pretty big too so increasing the size of the body would help so he looks less like a bobble head.

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Jango Fett is back everybody!

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I disagree with what was previously recommended. It's armor, the rest is supposed to be cloth or a body suit. So of course it would clash it just helps to establish the fact that the MOC is wearing armor.

I think it's really well designed, I'd just try playing around with different shoulder pads becasue the current ones just seem slightly off.

Otherwise really well designed.


pretty nice meme, have a great topic badge bucko

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Well, I'm going to paint it, so that isn't a worry of mine.

If I increased the size of anything I would have to change the size of everything, thus scrapping every design I've used. Plus, he's wearing a helmet. Of course he looks like a bobble head XP

Well, all of the black shells are armor.

They do compared to regular mandalorian shoulder plates, but I'm trying to replicate these bad bois:

And as you'll notice, the neck/collarbone armor is unique too. That's why I used the other silver piece.

Thank you!

That's for 50 likes. I currently have 28. And you didn't even like the main post XD

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