paul mccartney wearing a dapper hat

evidently he was good enough to get me to round one in the biocup

i quite like him


the title reminded me of one of zork’s topics

Uh this moc is pretty good. The arms and the parts usage in general are neat

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he looks good

So is this…Hordika Matau? What is this? The title doesn’t relate to anything to do with the moc- you didn’t build a hat, it is not wearing a hat, it doesn’t look remotely like Paul Mcartney
As a weird Matau moc, i can kinda get behind it though

you’re not entirely wrong

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you forgot a c

I certainly didn’t c that one coming

0/10, I was expecting Paul, this is blatant clickbait and my lawyers will be speaking with you. Nice use of the armor as a lower jaw tho.


That hand looks pretty good, although the moc is severely lacking in Paul McCartney and dapper hats.

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What if… Nidhiki became a Toa Hordika?