Payinku G1 2.0 (moc)

so this is the proper topic for the new version of my self-moc.

and again, the boards won’t deeplink imgur…

so yeah.


I think he might look better with a slightly longer neck; he looks a bit odd, unless that’s the effect you’re going for.

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yeah, payinku’s design has always been inspired by the mctoran(1.0 far more so), so looking a bit odd is expected, especially with the neck.

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Its sad that he does not have Ice blue anymore ;/



I wish the arms had longer pieces, which I feel would be appropriate and fit a sorta vibe. My opinion, ofcourse. The Moc itself is alright, neck joint’s just meh for me. Other then that I’m fine with it. Lovely weapons loadout

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[quote=“RaptorTalon, post:5, topic:8942”]

[quote=“RaptorTalon, post:5, topic:8942”]
[/quote] -_-

[quote=“JMP, post:6, topic:8942”]
neck joint’s just meh for me.
[/quote]at least give me credit for giving a mata head a glatorian neck joint on a moc this small.

[quote=“JMP, post:6, topic:8942”]
Other then that I’m fine with it. Lovely weapons loadout

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I love it.

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I love this MOC, it’s so fabulous and my favorite part is:

That Ultimately Fabulous Bird-Sword…


I like it. It looks good. I’d like to see some back shots, though.

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wouldyouevencallthisanupdate update

I think I might get rid of the sword,

I like it, but I’m not really the sword type, I prefer pole-arms.
maybe I can give it to a future moc.

this is a sort of poll, for those who see this,
I ask you,
should I keep the sword? why?

I’d ask why not make a straw poll, but I see you want opinions

I don’t mind weapon types, but if it’s your self MOC, go for whatever you want, heck you can keep the sword but rarely use it in favor of whatever pole arm you get

just don’t go weapons crazy like me tho, cause I got a pile of specific weapons for specific emergencies for my self MOC and he aint using them

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it just feels kind of tacked on to me, both physically and character-wise.

I won’t say I don’t like it, it’s the best weapon design I’ve made,
but it just doesn’t really fit, me.

honestly three weapons to me is weapons crazy, I should make a dagger for a side arm though, I’ll give this sword to a moc, or maybe just make a stand and display it.

unfortunately due to upcoming exams I won’t be able to moc or set up to take pictures until wednesday.


I like the sword (it even inspired a short story I wrote and submitted for English at school) but if you don’t ewant to keep it, get rid of it, it’s your MOC so you should do what you like…

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I’m late to the party

but I still see no merit to the overly boxy torso



the arms and legs are better than last time tho

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I can understand that man, make him whatever you want.