Payinku in disguise

So I am definentaly no artist but this is what i made drawing, it's supposed to be Payinku, in disguise!

I hope you like it, @Payinku.

I can do more, In disguise-s if you want! smiley


am I the new @Political_Slime?

I hope so he's a cool guy.


Payinku in disguise as Payinku


Squeaverking in disguise as a Spartan!

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@Chro It's supposed to be Payinku in his casuals, but as I said I am a terrible artist.

@Payinku I'm sorry but I think you're not @Political_Slime.

(You could be, if you want.)

So, do you think I should do more of these?

Payinku's casuals are still Payinku's clothes; hence Payinku is in disguise as Payinku


He.... He.... I knew that....

(I didn't know. Let's add a moustache.)

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I do understand "im no artist" part, but well, if thats his torso, the arms should be bigger (not thin like now) and should be symetrical (make one arm, use pencil to draw lines from the most far part on a limb, it helps. I can draw quick tutorial if you wish)