Payinku: Plasma Rogue

Plasma Halberd

Plasma swords

Plasma pistol

Plasma rifle

Crystal Timepiece

The Honey Badger


Without coat

Lore 'n stuff
Payinku was originally a matoran of plasma who lived on the southern continent and worked as a courier, he was transformed into a toa after the toa-dark hunter war and was assigned to toa Delkas' team, by the time of the reformation of spherus magna only Payinku and Delkas remained Delkas becoming a turaga, Payinku set off into the new paradise with a group of matoran, toa, agori and glatorian led by a rather petite toa of water in order to map the land and discover locations for settlements. Payinku discovered an ancient ruin and inside it his crystal timepiece, a presumed great being artifact which allows the user to warp objects through time-space into a pocket dimension, this makes traveling much easier as he no longer has to carry his supplies in a backpack.

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I really like this and it goes super well with the bike.

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Very different from the first time I saw this guy :stuck_out_tongue:


Plasma Pimp, iykwIm.

Really like the coat & bike.

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Nice bathrobe.

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I want this as a set.... looks awesome

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This is a nice looking MOC, but I have to ask, Why have there been so many Bonkles with cloth add-ons recently

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Idk, it looks cool? It adds character?

first thought that came to mind

As for the MOC, it looks great. Although the color scheme reminds me more of stone than Plasma. The cape adds to the character of a rouge as well.


Reminds me of when Chief got a suit. :thumbsup:

Why is he wearing 2 cloaks in the first pic? I get that it's for a cool "reveal" but still it seems a bit cloak-ception.

Oh and the figure is pretty great. Love the bike.

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I can see that, using burnt orange rather than regular orange can kinda give off a stone vibe.

It's not two cloaks, the white and red garb is a coat.

reminds me of X9 from Samurai Jack

great work!


With coat:
I like it.


...that is all.

Without coat:

Sweet Mata Nui what did those thighs ever do to you to deserve such bizarre armoring.



He looks about ready to jump into some hay...

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yeah, but it covers up most of the build. Not to say that it doesn't look good, but at this point, it might as well be a doll or action figure.

Cool! The cloth and the bike really add a lot more to his character. I also like the designs of his plasma weaponry.

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Lookin nice, really



But, it is? Is it not?

why have multiple people said that. :expressionless:

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You wrap cloth around you that looks auspicious and covers you

don't worry I got a trench coat too

a trench coat made of shrapnel and metal plates

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