Payinku : Self-Moc

so this is My self-Moc,
BIO,(Feel free to skip)
(I came up with this story on the fly, so It will probably be drastically changed by 2015)
Payinku: A ko-matoran who became an adventurer when he got fed up with life in ko-Koro, and after hearing of matoran becoming toa, set out to prove himself to the great spirit and become a toa himself

Leaping through dimensions thanks to a spacial rift he found under the ice(don't ask) he found himself in an alternate dimension where the toa had fallen to makuta teridax, and found pohatu's great kakama,
however he was surprised when he put it on and did not become a toa, and instead the kakama turned burnt orange, the turaga vakama of this world told him from a vision, that he was to become a toa, but only after great sacrifice.

so he set off through the dimensions again, now with his newly aquired mask powers(Citation needed).
he met a ko-matoran on the other side , and was evacuated with the other matoran to metru-nui.

(coming 2015, Toa Payinku: master of Gravity.)

Now on to the Moc

Payinku is equipped with an ice spear(used by matoran for traversing the slopes), and shield (made from the shell of a giant beetle rahi).

the articulation is a little lacking, neck swivel(due to the torso design), hands and feet only hinge, but the ball joints make up for that, besides he's not a very limber character(which is why he carries a shield).

A closer look at the torso design(he's wearing a backpack), his chest piece was a pain to design, it had to fit around the way his head attaches, as for the red, a nod to assassin's creed(also, barely noticeable in normal lighting).

and finally him without his armor, I really like the lower legs, very movie looking.

so, how did I do on myself(-moc)?


Don't know if I'm that big on the color scheme. But the design is very good. It looks indeed like the matoran from the movies. Overall nicely done!

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It's the only kakama I have(my favorite mask[see profile pic]) and I like the color,
and white/red is my favorite color combination.
and like my other mocs, the camera makes the colors super saturated, it looks better in person.

"nuparu has an orange kanohi and no-one gives that kohli head any trouble for it, but the ko-koronan gets one and suddenly mata nui's dying."

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I like his Greebly torso.

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I like that design, really cool. (You don't mind if I steal and adapt it do you?)

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Ah alright, that does make a lot of sense.

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not if I get a teeny bit of recognition when you do,
I'd be happy to do a tutorial if you wanted.

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I'd appreciate.

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the torso's kinda evil, it doesn't attach the way you'd think.
so I'll get on that tutorial.

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.#kakamamasterrace 10/10

In all seriousness, its pretty good. Orange and White goes together surprisingly well.


Nice job

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Here's the tutorial for the torso and the leg, as well as some action shots.

first the leg, fairly straightforward.

And now the torso

and the arm

A look at posablilty


ACTION shots


This is such a cool moc although there's room for improvement.

The colour scheme seems a bit odd but maybe if you added more brown then it would fix it. Next I want to point out pads on the legs seem a little awkward and out of place.

Besides that, seems like a sturdy moc has an awesome design

Great moc and keep on mocing!

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What Aeros said for the legs. Also I feel the torso is abit blocky. It's deffinately an interesting self-moc. I really like it and the story

It's burnt orange actually which is far to rarely used, toa Payinku will have a lot more because of the new pohatu.

the pads are removable shin guards, and I couldn't think of better pieces to use, If you can think of something I'd like to hear it(preferably in white).

@TheJMPofArcadia look at the mata nui matoran(mctoran, mol matoran, movie matoran), the torso's are all blocky, that's what he's based on.

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The colors would work a LOT better with more burnt orange, and possibly without the translightblue.

Also, you're the second person I can think of with a midget for a Self-MOC.

And by midget I mean Matoran.

Totally what I meant.


well the blue's because he's a ko-koronan, and personally I like the minimal look of the porange(po-orange, only the po matoran had it) with only the hands and mask being that color(I tried to give a story reason in the bio), and how many mocs have you seen with this color combination, he stands out in a crowd.

(also it's funny you should say

because I'm actually really tall irl, but matoran are all pretty much the same height, so he's average. For now.)

He shall become a toa, in time.


I love the proportions on this guy! The trans light-blue, white and burnt orange work really well together! He could do without the black and red though...

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I'm glad the majority agree with me.

three pieces of red on the chest because

and the red helps the orange not stand out as much,

and some parts I only have in black,
besides, I think it balances out his colors a bit, there'd be to much white otherwise(It's hard to find many burnt orange parts, useful, good-looking ones anyway.)

Quick update:
I've removed the armor permanently, and rotated the arms so that the silver is on the outside to look better,
and he is now holding his sheild in his hand, instead of on his arm.