PC building/sharing topic

A few people have brought this up to me asking about creating a topic, so here it is.

Share your PC build and advise people who are trying to make or upgrade their computers :3

Enjoy and stuffles


I bought a Morse Challenger i7 way back when Intel i7 became a thing and all I’ve upgraded thus far is the GPU and the processor cooling.

I’m currently giving an AMD HD 5700 a beating and it looks like it won’t survive much longer. That is because it’s built as if it’s not supposed to cool itself and will eventually fry itself. Just look at this tiny heat sink:
I will replace the HD 5700 with an nvidia, a 1060 or something, whenever it decides to kick the bucket.

Its almost adorable how tiny it is. I’ve got a rather massive bequiet cooler in mine - and it’s almost twice as large as my hand xD

AMD is going to release Vega in Q1 or Q2 2017 and Nvidia will probably release the 1080ti OR another different graphics card shortly after. Pricing of the varying graphics cards should drop shortly afterwards - so if it survives until then i’d suggest waiting for the prices to drop and stabilise and you’ll probably be able to afford a higher quality graphics card than if you get one sooner.

i just learned that you can get an rtx 2060 for $340 what