Peach Ruru

I have a starage almost peach colored noble ruru, I have no idea where it came from. I got it from goodwill. I’ll try and post a picture of it next to an orange mask and a tan mask


Might just be sun-bleached. Probably be good for a Sand Tarakava though, since it looks like it’s close to yellow.



You think it’s an orange sun bleached Ruru? I guess that could be it. The mask only comes in trans blue black and dark gray and orange so it could very well be that

I was hoping I came across some rare misprint lol

Still, the piece itself is intriguing. You would’t be up to selling it, would you? Because I might be interested.

Can we see a picture of it compared to a flesh colored lego piece?

I’ll consider it. I’m not interested in mocing and if it’s only a peach color cause some idiot left it in the sun too long then I have no use for it

I thought you were on to something but sadly… it’s not the same

Dang. Kind of a shame. I was hoping that you could use it as a shield or something

I was just hoping to have a misprint

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The thing that makes me think that it may be a legitimate misprint is that the back of the mask is also peach

True I never thought about that. Has anyone ever seen this color on a lego piece before?

It IS a missprint. If it would be only because of decoloartion, the mask would not be COMPLETLY in this color. Keep it safe. It might be very valuable. Were did you get it from?

Yeah you’re right. 100% of it is that peach color. I found it in goodwill with in a big full of weird bionicle pieces (I’ll send a picture of the rest of the stuff in the bag when I get home from school later today) but yeah it’s feom goodwill

There’s an off chance it could be light yellowish orange/very light orange, a color lego only used on a single part in two sets. Any other odd colored parts in the bag?


The bag just contains a bunch of toa mata limbs hand pieces and pins and axels and a bunch of kanohi including all the gold and silver masks worn spray paint over them. Dude had a full set of gold and silver kanohi and painted on them. Disgraceful. I tried removing the paint but that made it worse

Gotcha. Guess there’s nothing to really indicate it’d be an obscure color like that then. Unless the last owner was trying to recreate that color or something, lol

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So not sure how relevant this topic is, but I’ve seen people propose the mask became this color due to being exposed to sunlight for extended amount of time, but as it turns out exposing it to pure bleach for an extended amount of time, about 2 or 3 months, has the same effect.

Recently discovered this myself, as I had previously painted my Ruru and was using bleach to remove the paint, as I’ve done for all my other masks. First mask to have any kind of side-effect from the bleach. Testing it on an orange huna to see if it’s perhaps the combination of color and 01 plastic, as I know for a fact the 08 kakama does not have a similar reaction with bleach.

Should note the Ruru was originally orange, specifically from the manas set.