People are uploading Vessel exclusive/early access content to YouTube

People are uploading TTV’s Vessel exclusive and early access stuff to YouTube! Like the Undertale plays!

i flagged the ones I found, but keep an eye out


Well we can’t have that.

@OraNui go crazy.

This is bad.

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That’s really bad :frowning:


Do you remember a specific channel that’s uploaded the videos? The probably might do it again.

This. Is very disappointing.

Can you please link these videos to me via PM?


I don’t have them, but the title was something like Cool UnderTale plays Special Watch NOW along those lines.

EDIT: When I went to look for them, I couldn’t find them. Taken down maybe? Or under a different title and I don’t remember it exactly? I don’t know. I just don’t want this to happen to you guys.(but I know this might become a new trend as you get popular.)


Going to be honest, was kind of expecting something like this to happen - and given they are releasing the content first on Youtube it’d be difficult for TTV to get the video taken down easily as the way Youtube works is that you’d have to show the original video on Youtube on the TTV channel as being created before the person who stole it (Via selecting the original video from your selection on Youtube)

Luckily being a large community users could probably flag the videos - however even then they cant really flag it for the right thing, as you cant flag a video for being stealing someone else’s work other than your own (as only the original owner of the video is allowed to lay a claim that the video was stolen from them)

Could try flagging it for something else that allows you to type in a description, but even then…

So its going to be a bit of a pickle getting them taken down.


Not really, Vessel has a special legal team dedicated to protecting their content creators and they are very strict about people uploading content from their platform illegally.

If we catch people doing this, we will be taking legal action.

Keep in mind Vessel is not like YouTube, there are actual people that work there and we communicate with them on a regular basis via phone call and Skype. It will be very easy for us to fight these types of uploads provided we can actually find them :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there anyway you can check your browser history and find the video that way?


Ah, hopefully they are more effective than some of the companies I’ve been with prior :stuck_out_tongue:

Either way, shall keep a lookout.

Do you have the video length? Which episode? Date it was uploaded? anything like that would help narrow the search?

Ok, I think I may have cleared my history since then (computers a bit slow) BUT I do have the video length. The video length is roughly the same as the UnderTale episodes, respectively, as well as the same for the Podcasts. The Undertale episodes I saw were 1, 4, and 9.(but i could be wrong about this) The only podcast I saw was the most recent one. Also, top 10 Matoran were there, and as I said, they weren’t using your titles, so their tricky to find.

well ,this is no good

I applaud Vessel, especially considering the recent flak YouTube has been getting on its terrible creator…insurance? Protection? Whatever.

But yea, this is serious. I hope you guys find whoever is doing it soon!


Ok, an alternative is your Youtube search history. This is different from your browser history;

use the following link to view the history of videos you’ve watched.

That should help you find them.

I wasn’t signed in :0

EDIT: I think the videos may have been taken down, but this topic is sort of like the similar JtO Topic: To report and stop this from happening


Yeah, guess we are out of luck then - though yeah, if anyone else finds them - guess just report it to Var or someone.

YouTube requires you to be signed in in order to flag/report videos. How did you flag them if you weren’t signed in?


But don’t you have to be signed in to flag videos? :confused:

I don’t mean to put you on trial here, but it’s really important that we get these kind of issues settled. Are you sure you flagged the video?


Hunt down the traitors…

And destroy them!

I’m sorry I’m meme trash But seriously, this could potentially be very harmful, and might already have done some damage to Vessel. These videos do definitely need to be taken down.


Wow even TTV suffers from piracy now. Incredible.