So yeah been fiddling a around on photoshop and such and came up with this guy:

I call him space-face, he’s mainly a YouTube persona for animation vids of a similar style to Khonjin house’s amazing series and/or just a little intro thing for vids I’ve been trying to set up.

So yeah, Space-face a living, sentient black hole/mini condensed Galaxy… In a business suit! XD


I also made this guy for a friend who I’m trying to make vids with (his specifications, my design):

He’s called Mysteryman or goldfinger, an unknown, well dressed entity who’s constantly switching between red and blue suits and who’s finger/s constantly switch around and vanish.


I have to say, for someone of my limited experience I’m actually quite happy with these.

(I’ll try and upload better quality pics later… And hopefully finally get Mysteryman’s background made! XD)


can I ask a random question? where are you from?

those are some weird personas


Where are we from?! WHERE ARE WE FROM?!?! WE ARE FROM SPACE!!!

Jk, we’re both from Canada, I’m just a nutcase with a lot, and I mean lot, of crazy ideas jam packed in my head, also thanks! I know they’re weird! XD

My fellow brethren.


Canada? Space? What’s the difference? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Canada? You mean the home of THE national anthem?

Jepidee jep

@Sepublic22 I agree!