Pestilence (RP topic)

“No… I’m trying to fix the plague.”

“You don’t seem to understand, I see.” Arkan says to him. “I don’t speak of the Black Death.”

E’s eye tendril would spot the talking duo. Taking interest in them, he’d project a message into Akran’s mind. “Hello there.”

“Really? Then what do you speak of?”

Arkan jumped. He started looking around. “Shut up.” He says to Rohan. “There’s a telepath around here somewhere.”

Rohan rolled his eyes, but stayed silent.

Æhnyir is a lurking, meandering around the city.

E sent another message as Akran failed to find him. Look up. E sent out another eye tendril to act as a waving hand of sorts.

He sees it and narrows his eyes. He cautiously walks towards it, starting to trace symbols in the air with his right hand.

E continued to wave his eye tendril. Hello. Who are you?

“Arkan.” He says warily, continuing to trace the small symbol with his finger. “Now, I ask you the same question.”

my name is E. The second eye tendril stopped waving and looked down to watch. How are you today? Are the others bugging you?

“…No, I…yes.” He says. “They all bug me for what they’ve done.”

E’s eye tendrils blink. Should I ask?

Rohan approached Arkan from behind.
“Who’re you talking to?”

“You might know, if you’ve been around this world long enough.” He says, before turning to Rohan. “Do you not see him there?” He asks in an irritated manner.

E remains silent for a moment, eye tendrils watching ambivalently. I can’t say I know.

“Do you not see what they’ve done to the world? This one and the others?” He asks, gesturing around.

Are you talking about all the ailing? Is that not normal?

“I mean the harm they’ve done. To here, to the world, to each other, to the Fae.” He stops for a second. “They’re nothing but liars cheats and warmongers. The lot of them.”