Pestilence (RP topic)

Arkan broke the seal, sending the dragon of a serpent away. “What plane did you send him to?” He asks. “Or is he dead?”

Before an answer could be heard, Arkan saw the charging knight. “What a time to break the spell.” He muttered, forming a Conjuration circle and pointing towards Godrick, shooting a barrage of fire at him.

Æhnyir’s gentle hand was suddenly sized by the thorned armour. An act of kindness repelled by a force of cold hatred. He twisted his would-be helper into the path of the flames before throwing him to the ground and continuing.

The road shatters as the knight of hate leaps towards Raphael a malevolent bullet encased within unsanctified armour and twisted flesh

Raphael shot a beam of a light-blue energy at Godrick.

The beam had cut through the walls behind Godrick, The knight himself wasn’t there come to think of it, when did the beam impact the wall? He couldn’t remember what happened in those milliseconds. Realization came back as he heard a whisper from behind.


Raphael quickly turned around.
“I don’t understand. How have I ‘deceived’ you?” He asked.

Godrick answered with a punch to the face. However as he did Raphael could see just slightly into his helmet, and it was dark, so very dark. It was cold, so very, very cold

Raphael caught the fist with a single hand.
“I do not wish harm upon you, Godrick.” He spoke.

The armour leaned in. There was an peculiarity to it as if something just wasn’t right. A droplet of blood dripped onto Raphael. leaking from the crevices in the armour.

Raphael cocked his head in slight confusion when the blood landed on his arm.

Unholy metal against divine flesh and bone, a discordant tone like the toll of a knell rung out as the conical jagged helmet of the madman smashed into the seraph’s head. Again, and again, and again.

Raphael flew back, and hurled his spear at Godrick.

The weapon did the unthinkable. It tore straight through the so called “indestructible armour” of the knight like a bullet through ballistic gel. However as it exited through the head it began to fragment. Crumble. Destabilise. Godrick rose twitching once more. A large hole punched clean through the right side of the helm. Hollow. Armour protecting dust and the void. The tones rang out a sharp noise followed by dull, monotonous rhythmic droning of the knell, for all to hear, and then…the voices.

“Harrowed stars. Hallowed Iron. The lidless eye peers. The deceiver stands forth, living yet, everlasting. Now. kill, servant of purity.

Hydronicus looked around in confusion and a bit of horror as well.

“It…h…u…r…t…s…” came a voice straining to be found. The knight began to sprint madly towards that which had wounded it so. It was not a clean organised gait, it was as if their body was lurching with every breath, every pulse an agonising reminder of the cruel fate that had befallen it. The knight felt this pain. and was overcome with unquenchable abhorrence and odium.

Raphael held out a single hand, which released a shockwave of energy to to stop Godrick in his tracks.
“Now, let’s try to nonviolently resolve this situation. Why do you want to harm me so?”

Despite this paralysing pulse of energy they continued to lurch forward albeit slowly with hours of sanguine fluid spitting out

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Raphael threw a punch at Godrick’s stomache, then turning to the others.
“I need your help in stopping him.” Said Raphael.

Rohan shook his head.
“I can’t fight.”

A pack of dogs charged around the corner, barking and growling.
“They can.”

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The breastplate absorbed the blow without fail, the dogs however were not even registered by the knight as they clumsily swiped with their claw-like gauntlet

Raphael caught Godrick’s fist.
“Do not make me do this…” he warned.