Pestilence (RP topic)

Æhnyir stood up, a white flame flashed above his hands and hovered there. It was an angelic flame and his eyes flashed to a deep brown. Æhnyir snapped and walked forth towards the knight,
“If ye refuses to be healed, then ye shall know the fires of thy idol.”

The clawed gauntlet began to crumble and fragment. Only to phase through the hand scraping the sacred flesh of Raphael drawing holy blood.

Raphael glanced down at the scrape.

He had been wounded…by a mortal. Raphael clenched his fists. He would not allow himself to be disgraced so.
He unsheathed Starbreaker, going into a battle stanse.

“Attack at will…he is beyond saving now.” Raphael said to the others.

Blood gently falls from Godrick onto the floor in glistening crimson rivulets forming tiny patches of red on the stone paving

“I…t…h…u…r…t…s…hu-hurts so…good”

During this time, Arkan had been constructing a very complex Evocation spell circle. He sent magic coursing through it, and in the middle of the circle, a light shone into the air. Once it cleared, a large, eight-headed, two winged, scaled creature emerged, roaring. It breathed fire out of one of the heads at whatever was left of Godrick.

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Fire swept over the knight however once it had parted they seemed practically unharmed, and the blood had stopped dripping

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Æhnyir’s other hand now also had a white flame hovering over it.
He flew over to Godrick and threw the two small white flames at him. After they left his hands, Æhnyir collapsed, due to the lack of mana and the amount of mana those flames used up.

both flames impacted the armour, interestingly it seemed as if the knight could’ve dodged

Hydronicus cocked his head in confusion.
“Why don’t you dodge our attacks?” He asked.

They continued walking towards Raphael without speaking

Raphael thought for a moment.
“How can we contain him?” He asked out loud.

The Angelic Fire would be capable of burning normal metals. Unless his armor enchanted against it, he might have issues with this fire.

The steel guards on the neck and joints partially melted fusing together and preventing futher movement but the majority of the armour was merely scorched

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Hydronicus turned to Arkan.
“Is there some sort of containment or banishing spell that you can perform on him?” He asked, pointing to Godrick.

“If you can lead him in, I can use an Abjuration rune to send him to a different plane.” He explains.

Hydronicus nodded. “I’ll buy you done time while I make a distraction.” He said, and made a signal to Raphael.

Raphael began flying around sporadically.
“Over here!” He called.

metal groaned as the figure forced the metal to buckle, slowly turning themselves in an attempt to keep line of sight on the angel

Raphael continuously flew around in wild directions.

Hydronicus grabbed his nearby blade and stabbed at Godrick.
“For Saint Michael!” He cried.

The blade sank through the softened partially molten gorget and entered the throat, to this Godrick could only make a spluttering gasp

Hydronicus went rigid when he realized what he had done. His eyes widened beneath his helmet.