Pestilence (RP topic)

As Amadeus attempted to dodge, he found himself in the direction on the blade as it changed its course. A slash was made in his hip, causing Amadeus to stumble back.

The knight followed the slash with a punch from their gauntlet

Amadeus’ ribs cracked as he was punched by the gauntlet.

Godrick strode up to the wounded, bleeding Amadeus and raised his blade to behead him like some armour-clad executioner. “In death may you find penance”

Amadeus caught the blade between his hands. “I’m no ready to die yet. I must first complete my mission.” he declared as sparks began to crackle from his fingers. He then punched into the Godrick’s chest with his electrified fist. And seeing as Godrick’s armor was iron, the result wouldn’t be too pretty.

electricity coursed through Godrick’s body burning flesh and singing hairs, however in retaliation he swung again, this time a downwards stroke.

“Then you shall die unfulfilled, alchemist”

Amadeus rolled out of the way and stood up, cold steam rising from his hands. Without words, he blasted ice at Godrick, with the goal of entmbing him, at least temporarily, within the cold crystaline structure.

The ice formed thick around Godrick’s legs and fists preventing him from moving futher or shattering the ice

Arkan perked up just a slight bit, hearing the sounds of a fight nearby. “What’s that noise?” He asks the other two quietly.

Pietro too overheard the sound of shattering Ice, though he responded by opening the window and yelling “Keep it down!” before returning to his work, which at this point was nearly done.

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Amadeus further froze Godrick in place, encasing him in ice all the way up to his waist.
“Now, you take this time to reflect on your actions on this night.” Amadeus said as he walked out and left the church, leaving Godrick to wait in the ice until it would melt the next day.

While Godrick could not release his sword in order to get a clean cut he started bashing at the ice with the pommel of the blade cracking scarily quickly

Amadeus’ eyes widened as Godrick started breaking through the ice. “Well, that’s my cue to leave.” he hastily said, disappearing into the shadows. By the time Godrick would have broken through the ice, Amadeus was long gone.

“Pray to your hellish masters that we never cross again”

Soon, the sun rose, and daylight would ascend upon the fatigued city of Florence. The renewed brightness of day seemed to signify a new beginning for the city. But it was also the beginning of the end…

By now Godrick was prowling the underbelly as news spread of the old alchemist who’s house was burned to the ground…a failed experiment they assumed

Rohan smiled at thr sunrise.
“Something seems… good.” He mused, a small smile on his face.

Soon, word would go around in the city about an influential figure being found dead in the street that day. His body bore all the symptoms of the black death, yet there was also another, more disturbing detail:

His body was marked with strange mystical symbols carved into his chest. The centerpiece of the work was a large, circular grid of symbols embedded into his chest.

A large crowd soon gathered, observing the macabre scene.

Rohan pushed his way through the crowd.
“Let me through! I’m a professional.”
He saw the markings and stopped short.
“This was not a disease.” He murmered. He knelt down and examined the body.
“This is something else.”

Arkan saw the symbols. “Out of my way.” He said in a monotone manner as he pushed through, examining the symbols and trying to compare them to what he learned in his studies.