AW YIS. the second of the four horsemen is here. Pesty here is probably my fav as she’s a ton of fun to play with.

She looks weird and has fold out arms on her waist, one of which is a normal hand and the other one a syringe to poison people or something.


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I really wanted to make a moc using the trans lime and metallic blue together. and while there isnt much metalic blue on her, i think the weird color clash works out for such a strange character. i really love playing with and posing her. shes good for that as she doesnt fall apart easily


Ya still gotta fix them feeties. Such blocks, even just a little touch of round system would be so good.

Beyond that a few more gaps have stood out to me since I commented on Flickr, mostly in the thighs…and yknow, filling in the socket on the waist wouldn’t hurt.

Also the head is pretty nope/10, don’t know what’s happening.

Otherwise, I quite like it, some of the designs are interesting. Particularly how the 2016 addon fits on to those chestpieces.


She looks weird, in a really, really good way.


Great mocs as always, can’t wait for war and death!:grinning:


It would look better if it did have more metallic blue, but I still love how it looks overall.


I’d give the feet some claws, but other than that I like this a lot!


I really dislike the feet, and I feel like there is so much silver that the light gray stands out.

Other than the feet, I think it’s a pretty neat build, and the gray is only a minor issue.

I also think the metallic blue would look really nice in a higher distribution.


Not feeling the corrupted scientist feel much and the tools on the waist doesn’t work on this. I see this as a high-class drone than a mutant, the build is great in some areas.


I swear these Aeonyx get stranger every time. xD
Overall, she looks very good, but the feet look a bit dodgy, and the head is very lacklustre in comparison to the other members of her race.

She looks real good with Famine.

They are a bizarre duo, and I can’t wait to see the next 2 (Assuming my math is right)…

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Looks real good man, lime green for life!

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The feet could definitely use some work, but other than that, it looks great

Interesting. I don’t think it’s as good as Famine (mostly because of the lack of personality), but it’s not bad. Also, are you going to actually build them there respectively colored horses?

This moc looks weird and crazy…
I love it!