Pew feat. Literal Handguns

A wild Grimsock appears.

Have you guys ever tried to build something, only to fail and build something totally different just to get something done?

Well, that’s how Pew was born.

It’s essentially a Omnic-inspired android who loves taking bullets to the face, because it doesn’t have any defining features.

A nice edgy pose for ya.

He just wants to have something to be known for, like getting shot in the face.

He’s got a huge knife. Ya know, for when he runs out of ammo for his literal handguns.

This is obviously one of my more light-hearted creations. Took about 20 min to build, plus another hour to get the head right. I apologize for any purists I may have offended.

Regrettably, School is still a thing. I feel like that’s all I need to say.
I should have more stuff to share soon.
Lemme know what you all think as always! Peace be upon you.


Nice Dreg legs


Thanks, mate.
Funny story, this was initially a dreg moc! I just gave up with the head and changed the torso and color scheme around a bit.


hahaha, thats awesome. Speaking of Dreg inspired moc’s ive got one myself (that I have not posted on here or instagram)

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Can’t wait to see it! Hopefully you did better with the head then I did :sweat_smile:

I mean looking at it again right now, just think about if GLADOS and a Dreg Splicer had a baby then spray painted it black

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I really like the personality of the thing, specially the broken faceplate.
I would put my herasy gif here but I don’t have acces to my computer right now.

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Lol thanks man, I know how that feels.

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I like it, though, just the style appeals to me.

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Man this is really good love the legs, and the oversized knife is really cool too!

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so both of his hands are guns?
reminds me of something…

this is a great moc
I enjoy the design of it
but can we see a picture of the back?

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dreg peg-leg

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Yep, to answer your first question.

Sure! I’ll try to have the pic up soon.

Looks kinda cute.

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dude that’s actually really good

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This is really cool!

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Dreg with a leg that was made into a peg which was his leg along with anther Dreg with a peg leg that contiued on to his other leg that turned into a peg leg besides with a Dreg that made his other leg into a peg leg on with the Dreg that started with a peg leg. Oh, then theres just aksis.


poetry at its purest form


Sure thing!

@Ghosty Thanks man! I drew a lot of inspiration from your stuff.
@decepticonaiden Thanks!
@Hutere Glad you like it!
@Runa I’m sure he’ll appreciate that…
@Tobin-Bartram Thanks!


The photography on this is really nice and interesting. I love it.

The concept of this MOC is very unique and I love its creepy feel. I’m also a sucker for double jointed legs, so great work there.

Nice MOC, dude.

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