So I’ve been working really hard on these all week, and I hope you guys like them! I was really inspired by @cat with these, especially with Chirox, however I still tried to keep these pretty original. Anyways, if there’s one thing I’m not really happy with, it would have to be that you can’t really see a lot of the details (mainly on Chirox and Antroz) because they’re too dark. Other than that, I think these turned out really well! Let me know what you guys think! C&C are appreciated.


Needs a brighter background.

Those insect limbs of yours are put to good use.

Yeah, this is probably one of the few instances I decided I needed them, since I was basing them so heavily on bats. No joke, two of the tabs open on my computer the entire time I was working on them were bats and the muscular system

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:grin: i freaking love it!
Vamprah is my favourite makuta, and the others are real cool! But Antroz’s mask looks wierd

Yeah, couldn’t figure out what to do with it

I have a weakness for tall and lanky designs, and your Chirox there really does it for me.

Though I do agree with LTV:

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I just made a weird connection between the Phantoka Makuta…and this song…

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Vampires in a swamp, I guess…?

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Ok, fair enough

It seems to be pretty good. One thing I don’t lke is that the limbs are too long. Did Chirox and Antroz play basketball?

The correlation is?

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How is having long limbs related to playing basketball?

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Ah! You didn’t noticed that the basketball players are tall?

But… Not all of them have long arms

Some of them have, this is why I associated them with basketball players.

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Really, I was just tying to make them look bat-like.

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I mean it’s accurate, Chirox’s arms are massive if you extend them

Man, looking back on them, these are pretty rough. I might redraw them

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