Pharok (MOC)

Pharok is a manifestation of pride itself, from his ego mirroring that of a cruel tyrant that praises all the works he does even when they are of ill intent. He has no care of anyone other than himself. His fellow sins fear his power and tend not to be on his bad side knowing full well he won’t need to lift a finger to crush them.
Anyways hope you enjoy Pharok.
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Edited Title to be less long - Skeletor
This looks good, although the neck area is gappy.
The MOC itself is a bit cluttered, but it works with the tyrant theme.

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The title was fine as it was though.

The moc looks pretty good, a little cluttered but that’s usually what happens with larger mocs.
My biggest complaint is how much the silver on the hip area sticks out.

In my opinion, I find the silver pieces at the waist a strange choice because they seem to protruding forward. In addition, I don’t know if it was your intention, but the torso shaping is very unconventional.

Little cluttered, the neck is too long, otherwise this is pretty impressive.

I get a bit of a dark souls vibe from this. I like it.

Nice work! Looks very solid.

Man Brutakak really let himself go.

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THE BULK! Nicely done. Or maybe wrought is a better word to use for this beefcake.

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Oh I saw this on Instagram. Anyway I think it would look better with a custom head.


Unsure whether its bulky/fat or cluttered - the arms are thin, the chest buldges outwards and the legs are so much like tree trunks that i’m unsure if they can lift at all. It’s just a bit strange and i’m unsure what to say about it other than i think it could probably do with different proportions.

Really like the bulky aesthetic.