Phineas and Ferb

Admittedly I actually have mixed feeling about Act Your Age, it had some funny moments (like Swampy crying at the end) but I kind of felt like it was a contrived resolution to something they had been building up for a while, plus I find it hard to suspend disbelief that Isabella's feelings towards Phineas didn't raise an eyebrow once in an entire decade. Like yeah I know Phineas doesn't really get romance or is good at picking up Isabella's feelings, but it just feels weird the subject never seemed to come up once in that giant span of time, especially since lots of teenagers IRL talk a lot about dating (I guess Phineas is really focused on his projects then, which is sort of implied in the song I guess? :stuck_out_tongue:). I know many people do like it and I see why (especially if the ship Phineas and Isabella), and I kind of did at first, it just didn't really work for me overall once I started thinking about things (and these are character things I think about, not so much stuff like "how do they build that in mere minutes?" which honestly aren't really worth thinking about). IDK, maybe it just wasn't for me.

On another note does anyone have any favourite songs? I love a lot of them so it's hard to pick, though I have had In the Empire in my head an awful lot lately, and in general I really like Candace, Isabella and Doofenshmirtz songs (and yes I was super hyped for the Candace and Doof duet in the finale, as well as Candace and Isabella's), though to be honest all of the cast who sing are great at it. Actually wished Carl the intern sung more, because Evil for Extra Credit is another favourite of mine. Better stop before this is me spamming links to songs. XD

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He is a doctor though. He's got the diploma (bought with his ex-wife's money) remember? :wink:

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As do I.

Like, when I first heard about it I was a really hyped for it.The concept of seeing them in the future fascinated me. But then I actually saw the episode and like, I liked some of it, but other parts were just like "eh..."

My favorite song of the series is probably Summer Belongs to You, which also happens to be my favorite episode.

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Are you saying that the episode where they reference A Clockwork Orange isn't you're favorite episode of any show ever??

In all seriousness. I have to laugh at all the jokes that most kids wouldn't get, but we did thanks to your wikipedia addiction.

Favorite songs are, in no particular order, and probably forgetting some.

  • Literally anything From Summer Belongs to You
  • Ain't Got Rhythm
  • Happy New Year
  • In the Empire
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I think I need to go rematch more episodes to pick a favorite song, but I'd say either Ain't Got Rhythm or, if it counts, Carl's theme.


I remember this. it was good. I haven't watched any recently tho.


Very descriptive.

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Oh man, I love this show. It has to be up there with Avatar and Steven Universe with some of my faveorite western cartoons of all time.


It's definitely up there. Avatar The Last Airbender is definitely number 1, this probably takes 2nd with Steven Universe in third.


For anyone interested in what has been described by its creators as Phineas and Ferb's spiritual successor, here's the theme song to Milo Murphy's Law. According to Weird Al Yankovic we're getting even more news tomorrow!


Will watch this day 1. Both Phineas and Ferb and more recently Gravity Falls have left a void within me.

Phineas & Ferb is one of my (if not THE) favorites of all time. Everything about it was exceptional. I feel that late Season 2 into early Season 3 kinda started getting too repetitive, but by the time it ended they managed to find new ways of keeping the formula, but not necessarily doing EVERY beat of EVERY episode the EXACT same way, as was how I felt in late S2 early S3. The half-hour to hour long specials were always my favorite. Personally I kinda wish that "Summer Belongs to You" should've been the series finale, because there was just something so awesome, yet final about it. After it aired I kinda went 'aww man, it's over! I'm going to miss that show.,". Then it continued on for a few more years! :joy:

Having Perry be a secret agent was the most brilliant move in all of children's TV IMO. When I saw "Rollercoaster" for the first time in summer 2007 I was floored. I was sad to see it go, but can't wait for the new show.


at least it went for 8 years.

Summer Belongs to You is my favorite episode of the entire series.


wow is that really how long it lasted, I feel old


That's practically unanimous in the fandom.
As it should be. That Episode was a masterpiece.


It has the most lines my dad quotes from the show. Mainly this:

French Waiter: "Would you like that with, or without fromage?"

Perry: grrrrrrrrr.



Not to mention Bionicle also expanding that void...

Keep an eye out for October 3rd then.