Phineas and Ferb

What is your favorite Doof backstory?

Mine is when he says that when you combine the things you like it’ll make something better and flashes back to him and his pet giant cockroach, then he combines it with garlic ice cream and makes, the giant garlic-roach triple scoop(the triple scoop is a joke btw)

I prefer the lawn gnome. Yknow the classics.

Yea, ‘efega d’nish’

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Love dat show.

it’s funny.
oh, and the movie was pretty good.

I watched a cool episode about steampunk once.
i was also getting two teeth pulled at the same time.

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what about your favourite songs from there

Squirrels in my Pants. If anyone says otherwise I destroy this dimension

i’m sorry… the best one is aint got rythm

I’m learning drums so respect

I love the show! Best episode is oh boy Act Your Age, I went through a shipping phase plus I liked this girl and it’s still my favourite episode to this day

My favorite is probably night of the living pharmacists but that ones great too

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