Phisoth Guardian of The Jungle Region


Hey, this is my self-moc (WIP) named Phisoth (fee-sawth), he is fabled to be a guardian who protects the jungle region of Okoto. He is told to be from a different time or a different world. Sightings of him are rare due to his almost complete mastery of stealth and deception. His goals are to protect the Matoran and Protector(s) of the jungle region from the dangerous evils of Okoto.

Critique on the moc itself would be very helpful, I do not need to be reminded that the color scheme is off though (I'm a little low on pieces). Other than that, any constructive criticism is welcome.

Phisoth holding his Energy Rifle (Creative name huh? wink)

Another angle

Ready for battle with his Wind Slicers

Another angle

Showing off his fabulous Wrist Blades (Inspired by AvP)

Another angle (The colors though cry)

Arms wide

Standing normally

And finally, a just... bad back shot

Thanks stuck_out_tongue


Nice MOC, but it looks ridiculous.
I speak not of overly-long arms (looks at Takara) or mixed up colors (looks at 2014 Marendex) or of how barren the shoulders look without the Wind Slicers on the back*, but of the legs.
They look, relative to the rest of the MOC, needlessly bulky in the thighs with almost no lower-legs. Said bulkiness would not look out of place on a taller MOC, but for this one it just doesn't look right, especially with the Metru-lower-arms for lower-legs.

From the waist up it is an excellent MOC, but those thighs just throw me off.

(Quick note: Any and all criticism I dish out is purely constructive, and is in no way intended to offend you or your MOCing skills.)

*Though, to me, that is a minor issue. But, then again, whenever I make a MOC, I always place too much emphasis on the shoulders (looks at both Marendexes, Lightning God Takara, Nemesis Takara, and Katarax).


Thanks for the help I'll try to implement some of your ideas in my next iteration.


You are most welcome, good sir.

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I got a few suggestions...

-Remove the knight armor on his left shoulder

Other then that I think the wrist blades can be slimmed down. General shapes sorta odd. Colorschemes' all sorts of nope. If you're a new moccist I guess it's an alright first attempt. Though I bet you can still make good stuff

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I always disapproved of guns used as weapons on Bionicle MoCs. Phisoth's rifle, however, works exceptionally well. Not gonna bash on the color scheme considering this is a WIP. Also, the legs are needlessly bulky.