Photography:by Greencapps inspired by Axonn126

here are some photos i took of the Bioformer: Exo- Hero. I did not come up with this moc but i did take the pictures.

Exo-Hero with Rocka in his knight form

The dormant Exo-Hero

Rocka finding the Exo-Hero armour

Rocka inspecting his new energy blade

Rocka first putting on the armour for the first time

so cool.

he has got this covered

you're a gonner

it's a dual to the deactivation

the REAL Jet Rocka

so what do you guys think?
big thanks to Axonn126 for the inspiration.


The positioning of the arms and legs could use some work when taking pictures, but aside from that, I would buy this if it were a set- and I despise hero factory sets

yea he is sorta hard to pose even with the friction adder pieces.oh and awakening for the win

Well, The MOC only uses parts from the Jet Rocka set, and Greencapps posted the instructional video elsewhere.

and dont forget i did not come up with this moc it was made by Dr. ScorpionX
here is the vid if you want it:

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These are great! I like the "your a goner" and "the real jet Rocka" shots.
The closeup of Rocka pointing his gun at the camera is really nice with the way it's focused on his face and the light shining on the Hero Core. Some of the stuff like the gun are a little bit out of focus, but I probably couldn't do any better.
The shot of it in it's jet form flying is definitely one of my favorites of the group. The jet is in really good focus and you did a great job at making it look like it's flying without using any editing. I also like that you kept that small object in the bottom left in the shot. It makes it look more interesting than if the background was just plain blue.
Also, I noticed you took these right by your pool, it would be cool to see a shot of Rocka lying on his back with his head over the edge of the pool and Black Phantom holding him down. wink
I overall really like your photography, the only complaint I have is the posing in some of the shots, but that can be easily fixed.
I would be really interested in seeing more of your photography in the future, keep up the good work! thumbsup

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you want it you got it:

Black Phantom: DIE HERO!!

Rocka: Nice try Black Phantom, but were heroes and heroes always win!

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Those are awesome, bro! I like how the pool looks like a super large pit, like it would be a long fall down.

oh and since we are getting rid of the pool it is filled with rocks

my cat is fat :3

tomorrow: Nex V.S. FANGZ on the SAVAGE PLANET


Nex 3.0 "The Tiger"


some one is creeping in the shadows...


Nex is in trouble

Face Off!

Nex: Now that the quaza spikes are gone Fangz is just a big puppy!
Fangz: Lick Lick

I dont think this is my best work but what do you guys think?

- Quintuple post, fixed by Scarilian.
- That cat is adorable :3


clever having the bad guy stalk Nex through the forums...


the forums part was not intended stuck_out_tongue