Pieces you regret painting.

Specifically Lego or BIONICLE pieces you personally regret painting over.

For example, when I was younger during the old BioTube days, I decided in my infinite wisdom to make my own version of EDICTARTS mostly custom painted MOC, Toa Edictarts. There’s still remnants of gold paint in Jaller Mahri’s mask to this day…

Also the myriad of lego clone troopers who never survived the onslaught of colored sharpies.


You’re a mind reader aren’t you?


not really painting but I sanded the printing off of a clone trooper minifig torso once.

I’m guilty of this too, though I don’t really regret doing it.

I remember I named the purple one Sergeant Haze and I think the blue one was just “The Commander”. They’re both very special to me because they were my first two clone/stormtroopers I ever got; the clone in particular being from the 2009 Clone Walker polybag.

They’ve led my clone army for as long as it’s existed.


I don’t regret any painted pieces, because I have no painted pieces! mwahahahahha
I mean I don’t paint parts

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I don’t regret any mostly because I used washable acrylics and did a really bad job anyways. Most of them are pretty scratched up as they are.

But I figure I can really just wash them off if I ever wanted them back.

Ha, I see what you did.

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I once painted a minifig head with a felt tip. IT NEVER CAME OFF.