Pillarroom in Mangaia

Hey there.

I was woundering about this room
in Mangaia. It doesnt appare in the Movies, nor in the games,books or comics. You only see them in the commercials.
Does someone know what room this is? Does the room
even exist?

Please let me know what you think!


I always interpreted this to be the same room as the Makuta chamber from the first movie, just a different artistic interpretation of it. The pillars are likely supposed to be the same columns Rahkshi came out of.
Or alternatively, it may be the series of halways leading to gates of mangaia which have similar opaque stone columns:

Now that I think about it, the latter option seems more likely.

In MNOG, books and games, those columned halways were always described and/or depicted as very expansive and labyrinth-like, which is definitely implied by the commercials.
The movie needed a simpler depiction for a 38 second linear driving sequence.


Or it is some kind of archive. In the commercials, you see the matoran language carved on the pillars.


You mean like a part of the archives from Metru Nui? I don’t think that’s likely, because mangaia is in the side/roof of the Mn dome and the archives are below the island city. Plus this space was occupied by both Rahkshi and Takanuva in commercials, so It could not have been actual archives.

But that’s ok.
The labyrinth of mangaia has stone pillars and ancient carvings, just like the space from these videos:

“Massive stone pillars stood in the four corners of the lair, carved with symbols so ancient even Nokama’s Maks of Translation prooved useless. The walls were lined with large stasis tubes, much like the ones used in the Archives.”

So it’s just some part of mangaia.


No not the archive in metru nui. Something that the great beings left behind.
It must have some kind of purpose.


Well, all of mangaia has a purpose - it is an important part of Mata Nui’s brain. Originally meant to contain his consciousness (according to 2000 story bible), but most of that functionality was moved to core processor below Coliseum.
Still, of the functiones that we know remained to the final storyline, controls for the camouflage system are located here, as well as some teleportation technology connecting it to other sensory systems such as Kini-Nui and lesser Kini and the telescope. It is also connected to Bohrok nests.

In a sense, any part of the giant robot is something of important function left behind by the great beings.