Pink Stormer's helmet - prototype, misprint?

A friend of mine just bought pink Brain Attack Stormer’s helmet. He found it in lot of parts which were rejects from Lego factory. Sadly, I don’t have any knowledge about Hero Factory collectibles, so I hope to find HF experts here :D. Anyone know if this part is one of a kind or maybe more of them exist? And is it prototype or misprint rejected from production? And how much it could be worth? Friend said that if price will be good enough, he may consider selling it.

Here are more detailed pics:

Part has “© 2012 LEGO” and part number on it and it comes from trusted source.


it could very well be a bootleg part
oh it has the lego logo, uh, does it feel like all the other pieces? it might be a cast


How do we know it’s trusted if we don’t know what the source is



That’s one heck of a find if it’s legitimate.

Unfortunately I have no idea how you’d be able to put a price on it, much less find someone who collects rare Hero Factory parts.

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Wasn’t Brain Attack 2014 or something? That’s really weird

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Decided to check my own, and yeah, it says “2012 Lego” on it. I’m guessing the piece was made in 2012.



@Asriel It is just like normal piece. I spent last 16 years on collecting Bionicle collectibles and sets. During those years I came across many different bootlegs, but this one looks 100% legit.

@LTVmocs The source is shop with used toys which had lots with factory rejects in the past.

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I can believe it, an actual pink CCBS piece.

People tend to sell misprint/prototype Lego pieces on some shape or form; Ven and just2good did find these type of thing before:

So the helmet is either or-


Looks very similar to some of the prototype Glatorian helmets. With the LEGO copyright, and such, I believe it’s real.

If not, it still looks sick.

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I really want to see a moc with that

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My friend had time to go through whole lot and he found another one! This one is white on front and pink (or even violet) on top.

Here are more detailed pics of new finding:

Sadly those two are the only prototype/misprint parts in this lot.


how whould this even happen is what I am wondering. it’s not like they would put red ABS plastic in the stormer helmet mold causing a mix.


I know what happened. Bionicle radicals snuck into Lego’s factory at night and threw a bunch of dirt on the Furno and Stormer 5.0 masks, hoping to sabotage the theme. Seeing the disgusting masks, Lego threw them into a washing machine to clean off the grime. Pulling them out, they realized the Stormer masks were pink and threw them away.


I’d personally like to know how I can get my hands on a prototype/misprinted piece


Is it possibly a piece from the bag of prototype pieces Black Six and the other BZPower staff used in Raffle prizes and rewards a few years ago ?

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im getting a knockoff stormer brain attack soon so can confirm if it looks legit or not