Piraka Kaita Instructions

So as most of us know, back in 06 there were 2 Korea exclusive sets known as the Piraka Kaita. One of them was just Irnakk without the gold parts, however there was another one made up of Zaktan, Hakann, and Avak that was a completely different build. I know that the instructions for this one were on BZ Power for a while, but I have not had much luck finding them again. If anyone has a digital copy they could post below, that would be amazing and would help myself, and a lot of others who want to recreate the Piraka Kaita a ton.



Thank You So Much!!!

Instructions for numerous other Korean exclusive combiners (a.k.a Kabaya) can be found here
Bionicle Combiners - Google Docs

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why do it look like a bootleg Irnakk

it do look like a bootleg irnakk cause it was exclusive to korea

I really wish they aren’t impossible to find sealed (or at all). I am a collector of sealed rare Bionicle sets, so if I got my hands on sealed versions of these, I would have a glass case made for them.

Ahh, I miss the old Kaita models. If these guys weren’t sawdust I would be all over this.


Could you post the instructions for the Blue Piraka Kaita too? I’m not sure that it could be constructed from the 3 piraka sets or it use the same 3 long pins as Inrakk does, what wasn’t included in any of the component sets.

The Blue Piraka Kaita is LITERALLY Irnakk without the gold.

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But I CANNOT upload that sentence to BS01 as OFFICIAL instructions for the set/model… Can I?

why does it matter? just build Irnakk without the gold and use Vezok’s head/spine.