Piraka Origins?

Did we ever get an origin story for the piraka? It’s apparent that makuta made them, but we don’t know how, right?
My theory is that the piraka were once matoran. Deformed matoran exposed to antidermis and became piraka. Like the bohrok, the piraka share similarities with the build of the deformed matoran. Both in piece count and piece quality.
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Actually, they do have an origin. It’s explained in legacy of evil book.

The Piraka are of the Skakdi race, originally a mostly hospitable people. Then came along an exiled Makuta, Spiriah, who decided to use them in his experiments. This caused them to grow large spines, develop laser vision, and large smiles. The now Piraka abandoned their local warlord to join the dark hunters, eventually tried to overthrow them, and were banished from the dark hunter organization. So they decided to make their living by raiding, looting and murdering- becoming the Piraka, or the Matoran word for “murderer”.


Oh okay. I’ll still call them steroid McToran.


Since the question was answered, the topic should be closed, I guess.

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