Piraka Rap Stop Motion

A trailer for my film Bionicle Ignition: Island of Doom, which is planned to be released this month. I took a Piraka Rap approach with this one.

@Eljay You can't say 2006 is bad after seeing this, can you?


Mata Nui protect us all...


I have seen all that I need to seen in life

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"It is time for a new age. Our age"
It would have sounded threatening... if it wasn't for all the "go piraka go piraka" in the background :laughing:

Anyway, pretty good job with the stopmotion :+1:


I'll be sure to omit that in the final film... or imagine if that would be the background music during every scene with the Priaka!

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[insert badly photoshopped face of some celebrity named Maya on Mata Nui]

Hey, man mobile is hard stuff! :smile:

But I would like to see that...

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Yo. That was funny. Can't wait for the serious project.